Hero VIDA V1 Pro Electric Scooter Price and Specs

Hero Company has launched a new electric scooter Vida V1 Pro, which has a range of 165 km. Only two variant has been launched Vida V1 Plus and Pro.

The scooter is available in five colors White, Black, Red, Orange, and Cyan. Vida V1 on-road price is expected to start in India at Rs. 1,59,000. There are many new features and specifications in this scooter, which I will explain to you in this article.

Hero VIDA V1 Pro Review
Hero VIDA V1 Pro Review

VIDA V1 Pro and VIDA V1 Plus Comparison

FeatureVIDA V1 ProVIDA V1 Plus
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs. 1,59,000Rs. 1,45,000
Available VariantsOneOne
Colors AvailableFiveFive
Braking SystemFront disc and rear drum brakes with CBSSame
Battery TypeRemovable 3.94kWh lithium-ionRemovable 3.44kWh lithium-ion
Top Speed80kmph80kmph
Acceleration (0-40kmph)3.2 seconds3.4 seconds
No. Of ModesSport, Ride, Eco and CustomSame
Under-seat Storage26 litresSame

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VIDA V1 Features Review

There are many new features in Vida scooter that will benefit the users. This scooter has a keyless ignition. This scooter gets a mountain LED headlight with a small smoked visor and with that comes LED turn indicators.

This scooter comes with four modes that are used to customize the speed, Sport, Ride, Eco, and Custom.

The scooter has a 7-inch full touchscreen color display on which you will be able to read the information about the scooter like the speed, how much battery is left, what is the time and date and you can keep the documents of the scooter which will be shown on the display.

Vida Electric Scooter comes with a mobile app through which you can connect with the scooter and you will get this app from Google Play Store. Information on how to use this app will be given to you very soon.

Hero Vida V1 Plus Specs
Hero Vida V1 Plus Specs

Battery and Performance

  • There are two variants of the scooter that give different performances, The Pro variant achieves 0-40km/h speed in 3.2 seconds and 3.4 seconds.
  • The battery available in the Pro variant is a removable 3.94kWh lithium-ion battery which gives a range of 165km.
  • The battery available in this variant is a removable 3.44 kWh lithium-ion battery but its range is 142Km.
  • One thing is common, both the scooters have the same high speed of 80 km/h.

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Design and Body Specs

This scooter has some very good features like LED headlamps, removable batteries, fast charging, 26-litre under-seat storage, and a USB charger.

The design of the scooter is very correct, there are two colors available in one scooter which attracts the customers and its size is shape and the scooter looks much bigger from the front.

Vida Electric Scooter Showroom Near Me

I am giving you an official link website from there you can see the showroom near you. You have got the option of a test ride, you can apply if you want a test ride first.


Hero VIDA V1 Pro Price

Vida Pro Price 159,000 in some cities of India

Hero VIDA V1 Plus Price

Vida Pro Price 145,000 in some Areas

Vida V1 EV Top Speed?

Top Speed Vida V1 Electric scooter 80km/hr in both variants

Vida Pro and Acceleration (0-40kmph)

Pro 3.2 Seconds 0-40kmph and 3.4

Vida V1 Scooter Removable Battery?

Yes, Both Variants come with removable lithium-ion batteries

Vida V1 Pro and Plus Overall Scooter Infomation

Vida is not a new company, it is an old company that was handled by Hero Motors but now it has merged with Hero and launched a new scooter.

Hero Company has introduced the Vida electric scooter, Available in two variants, Vida V1 Pro and V1 Plus. Additionally, the scooter offers 26-litre under-seat storage, LED headlamps, fast charging, and a USB charger, making it a compelling choice in the electric scooter market.